Experience a total mind-body online retreat with Yoga & Ayurveda! This 4-day workshop is a unique combination of the Sri Sri Yoga Foundation Program with elements of Ayurveda. This program will not only address the body and mind through yoga, but also provide an experiential entry into a healthy yogic lifestyle through Ayurveda.

Sister Sciences

Yoga and Ayurveda are wonderful systems on their own but combined, become powerful tools for optimising wellness. Yoga and Ayurveda both aim to balance the mind and body so you can uncover your true nature. Yoga does this through the breath, asana and wisdom and Ayurveda through diet, lifestyle, herbs and selfcare. Carefully and lovingly designed, this program offers a rare and unique chance to delve into authentic Yoga and Ayurveda at both the physical and subtle levels.

Program Highlights

1) An authentic, deep, relaxing approach to yoga, meditation with practical insight into the mind
2) Health and wellness according to classical Ayurveda
3) the Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – and how they affect the mind and body
4) Our senses and the subtle aspects of our existence and wellbeing through experience
5) Tips & tricks for common wellness hurdles on the yogic path
6) Opportunity to have your questions answered by experts in their field!