Art of Wholesome Eating

Whatever we eat becomes our body and mind. In this course, the basic concepts of Ayurveda are introduced in a dynamic manner, giving us a better understanding of our personal needs. Using the most recent studies on foods, the vegetarian cooking demonstrations introduce ways of balancing our diet in a quick, easy, creative and delicious way.

This 18-hour program gives you both the tools to recognize imbalances and the means to correct them. This knowledge answers many of the questions we often ask ourselves when we wish to improve our health and thrive on high energy levels.

Ayurveda originates from India but cooking according to ayurvedic principles requires no change of eating style, but rather, a reintroducing of harmony within the natural rhythms of nature and our beings, to support our own individual needs.

The Art of Wholesome Eating is an 18-hour course programmed over a weekend.

Art of Daily Living (Dinacharya)

There is a natural order to daily life, which is often forgotten in this age of fast living. With the advent of fast food, precooked meals, television and Internet, our lives have moved away from a daily balanced rhythm of work, play and rest.

Dinacharya, a keystone Ayurvedic approach to our health and happiness, offers us the means to keep this balance within ourselves with quick and easy to use routines. When it comes to our own health (be it physical, emotional or mental), Ayurveda offers many simple solutions. Unlike the conventional systems of medicine, Ayurveda places a lot of emphasis on self-care and self-healing.

The Dinacharya (or Art of Daily Living) workshop will suggest simple and invaluable tools to incorporate into your daily life. They are easy to implement and not time consuming. Just a few minutes per day: cleansing of sense organs, daily mini abhyanga. The comprehension of the 3 doshas and the important role of the mind are addressed.
The effect of these simple interventions compounds over time. They enliven the innate intelligence of the body to function optimally – not just an absence of disease – but vibrant health.
You will see a marked difference in your level of energy, clarity and sense of calmness.

The Art of Daily Living (Dinacharya) is a two-hour workshop

Infant Massage Workshop

This is a two-hour training session for mothers and caregivers. You learn how to give ayurvedic massage to babies with confidence and understand the importance of regular oil massage to increase immunity, strengthen bones, help with tummy upsets, support cranky babies, and much more…


It is simple to learn and you leave the session with all the tools necessary to practice.

AyurYoga workshop

The two sisters, Ayurveda and yoga share the same origin, the Vedas, the same philosophy of Samkhya and the same goal, which is connecting to one’s self.

As we seek to balance our doshas to achieve purity, longevity and spiritual growth, it is beneficial to practice those two systems hand in hand and use specific yoga asanas to address personnal needs.

The workshop is offered over a weekend. It includes lectures by Vaidya Preeti, BAMS, individualized daily yoga sessions for each dosha (constitution), understanding your body/mind constitution, an ayurvedic cooking group session and breathing exercises to support a healthy digestive system.

The AyurYoga workshop is offered over a week-end.

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