Seva is the spiritual practice of selfless service and the desire to uplift and assist people, giving help and compassion to others with no thought of what is to gain or what is to be lost by doing so. The practice of seva becomes a path to self-realization, which is the essence of yoga.

The Center offers a variey of opportunités to serve in a unique, inspirational environment.

The Centre’s Art of Living Service Program is a structured four-to-six-month internship for committed and energetic individuals.  It offers a perfect setting to look deeper into one’s life. Daily life in the community offers many opportunities for service, learning, and fellowship. Each day, residents of the Center participate together in meditations and Satsang (knowledge + singing). You can also join the morning Sadhana program (yoga + sudarshan kriya).

Participants stay in shared rooms with a shared bathroom.  Delicious  vegetarian meals are served, and  seva is done over six days, for 6 hours a day. There are plenty of leisure activities, including swimming, boating, soccer, cross country skiing, or hiking in Parc Maurice.

Those who are accepted on the program must have completed the Happiness or Art of Living program. We especially encourage those who speak French or are bilingual in French and English. If you are a student working on a crédit program, we can help with arranging school crédit.

You can apply to a general seva to bring your help in the different departments (kitchen, garden, household, etc …) or apply for a particular position. In all cases, you will be involved in the activities and tasks of the group.

Seva opportunities

  • Sri Sri Yoga teacher
  • General maintenance and construction
  • Landscaping and building trails
  • Housekeeping
  • Cooking and preparing food
  • Reception
  • Digital communication
  • Finance
  • Graphics and Design
  • Gardening (see Les Jardins Bio)

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The Seva Program at the North American Art of Living Ashram offers applicants a profound opportunity to practice selfless service in an atmosphere of silence, satsang, and sadhana.
Thank you in advance for filling out this form truthfully and completely.

  • (Use a separate sheet of paper to answer this question. Your candid answer is our way of getting to know you and a way for you to clarify your intentions for applying.)
  • Specific Skills

    Please specify your level of competence in the following areas
  • Health

  • Seva assignments are physically demanding. Most require lifting, bending, long sitting or standing, etc. As such, the seva program is not appropriate to all persons at all times. To assure that you will benefit from this program, please answer the following:
  • Recommending Teacher's information

  • You will need to supply two letters of recommendation from AOL Teachers who have known you for at least six months.
  • CourseDateTeacherLocation 
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  • You will be contacted by phone for a brief interview after we receive your application.
    Please note that when coming on seva it is mandatory to purchase health insurance before coming to Canada. The insurance needs to cover one for the period of stay, plus an additional two weeks. If coming for long-term seva, insurance must be purchased for four months.