A full body massage with warm oil to suit your body type. Abhyanga stimulates the lymphatic system and rejuvenates the skin. It is a powerful way of loosening toxins and relaxing mind and body.


It is the playing of a continuous stream of liquid on the forehead, usually warm sesame oil. It is a simple but profound technique, which relaxes the body, clears the mind and gives the spirit the ability to be in touch with innermost feelings.


It is a strong in-depth full body warm oil massage giving special attention to the back and abdomen to release tight muscles and deep-seated tensions.


Marma means secret, hidden, vital. By gentle touch to certain points on the body, it is possible to rebalance the energy and remove blocks from the Nadis, the subtle channels, which carry the flow of prana. It is potentially the most retorative of all ayurvedic treatments as it harmonizes the body’s built-in energy network.

Facial Marma

This short head marma treatment combined with face massage is amazingly efficient for relaxing the whole system.

Karna Purna

Our senses are connected to the five elements. Hearing is connected to space, so the ear is a location where Vata collects. Treating the ear with warm sesame oil and massage is an effective way of calming the nervous system.


Treat yourself to the Ayurvedic version of Turkish bath! It is always appreciated in the cold days of winter. The skin is the largest organ of the body so Swedna is a very useful cleansing tool. We do recommend a good Abhyanga before the steam bath to help release the toxins.


A detoxifying treatment to support the elimination of toxins by using a mix of specially prepared dried powders. This massage is followed by a short swedna (steam process) stimulating a thorough release of the toxins.

Nasya Tarpana

The nose is the doorway to the brain and to consciousness. Nasya is a traditional and very effective nasal treatment for cleansing the airways and sinus cavities. It relieves Kapha and excess Vata in the head and neck areas.

Head, hands and feet combination

The scalp, face, neck and ears are gently nurtured, giving a sence of clarity and energy. Massaging the hands and feet helps to ground our energy and can stimulate, cleanse and balance all organs of the body.

Post-trauma massage

This is a very gentle full-body warm oil massage, which creates a real sense of wellbeing and induces profound relaxation. In Ayurveda, warm oil bastis play an important role in cleansing and lubricating the body.

Kati Basti

The sacrum is bathed in warm oil for half an hour. It is very effective for lower back pain. It gives a sense of profound relaxation to the body.

Netra Basti

The eye is bathed in ghee. It effectively relieves tensions trapped in the eye socket causing poor eyesight, pain or fatigue. It nourishes the nervous system through the eyeballs close connection with the brain. This treatment is especially beneficial for those who work long hours on computers.

Janu Basti

A great support and definite pain reduction for those who have knee weaknesses due to arthristis or cartilage issues.

Hrid Basti

A heart basti that helps relieve tension stored in the heart area.

Nabhi Basti

This basti supports a healthy digestive system by lubricating the digestive area with warm oil.

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