What comes to mind when you hear  the word facial? Something for beauty conscious women concerned with aging skin? A pampering beauty ritual? Yes  its all this. A facial massage can give you  younger-looking skin. It can also firm, smooth and sculpt the face.

But an Ayurvedic facial is much, much more. It is a truly holistic treatment that will take care of your face, mind, body and soul. As on client said after her Sri Sri Ayurveda facial, “I felt as relaxed as if I had had a full body massage. My mind was calm and quiet. The benefits seem to linger for days.”

Ayurveda says specifically that your facial appearance is a reflection of your body’s internal condition. You can easily identify a person who is over stressed by looking at his or her face. This is because stress affects the facial muscles and causes them to contract.  Massaging your face releases endorphins, the “feel good’’ hormones that help us to relax and feel positive.

A face  massage is a particularly pleasurable experience – most people are surprised as the amount of tension they hold in, particularly around the jaw. When stiffness from the muscles is released, it brings  gentleness to the expression and  youthful contour to the face.

The Ayurvedic facial massage also enhances nourishment and cleansing of tissues which makes for a glowing complexion. This type of massage is also tailored to individual needs according to the dosha (body and skin type) or skin condition at a particular time (Vata – dry skin, Pitta – normal, combinational or sensitive skin, Kapha – oily skin).

But if you are  not convinced yet about the restorative benefits of the facial,  there’s one more major reason to take the leap: Ayurvedic face massage will promote health at all levels within the body by working primarily on the marma points of the face, head and neck. 37 of 107 marmas in the body are located in the face, head and neck, shoulder and upper chest area. Gently stimulating these points maintains optimal health and enhances the awareness of pure consciousness in the body.

As one person exclaimed:

“It’s a treat for the body and the senses!”