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“Monkey Mind”

Oftentimes, we find ourselves weighed down by anger and regrets about the past or anxieties about the future. The mind vacillates back and forth, leaving us disconnected with the present moment, where happiness truly resides. The SKY Breath Meditation Retreat uses the powerful Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique to bring the mind back to the present moment and connect us to our inner power.

Kriya, a Personal Practice

Based on ancient Vedic wisdom, this unique breathing practice uses various rhythms of the breath to balance our emotions and give us a boost of energy. We gain focus and clarity to take on life’s challenges with a smile. As the mind and emotions harmonize, we experience a significant reduction in stress and anxiety and an overall improvement of health. Many participants share experiences of relief from various long- and short-term health issues. As an added bonus, participants receive a take-home practice easy enough to include in their daily self-care rituals.


The SKY Breath Meditation Retreat is led by instructors with years of experience and a commitment not only to their own personal practice, but also to bringing joy into the lives of others. Instructors are skilled in taking ancient timeless wisdom and making it relatable and practical to life challenges we face today.

Retreat amidst Lakes

Nestled amidst serene lakes and dense foliage our Retreat Centre eases us back home to our Self. The Happiness Retreat is a guided retreat with the optimal balance of personal time to allow for walks, reflection, outdoor activities, artistic self-expression or indulging in rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments.


I am new to Meditation.  Is this Retreat for me?

Absolutely!  The retreat is meant for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  If you have any questions during the retreat, our experienced senior instructors are very accessible and available to help and guide you.


What should I pack?

You will receive a detailed list in your Welcome email once you register.  A general guide depending on the season is warm clothing, layers, rain gear, swimming gear, hiking/walking footwear, bug repellent, sunscreen, flashlight.


I understand your Centre is alcohol-free, meat-free and smoke-free.  Can you please clarify?

The Centre is a place of health and wellness.  Alcohol, meat (including fish and eggs) and tobacco/recreational drugs are not permitted on the campus.


I have food allergies.  Can I request a special diet?

Special diets include vegan, nut-free and gluten-friendly meals.  Please check the appropriate box at the time of registration.  If you have any severe diet restrictions or allergies, please write to the centre in advance at to make sure we will be able to accommodate your needs.

Retreat Schedule


5:30 – Dinner
6:30 – Session


7:00 am – Morning Sadhana / Practice
8:30 am – Breakfast
10:00 am – Session
1:00 pm – Lunch
3:00 pm – Flex Time. Optional activities include R&R, nature walk, hiking, swimming, gardening, landscaping, Ayurveda Treatments, Karma Yoga.
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:00 pm – Satsang / Chanting / Knowledge Session

DAY 3 

7:00 am – Morning Sadhana / Practice
8:30 am – Breakfast
10:00 am – Session
1:00 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Personal time / Departure


CAD 515.00 – CAD 795.00


Taking the Happiness Course at the Art of Living Ashram was a unique experience. Apart from having a great teacher, the experience of staying in the beautiful surroundings of the Ashram and interacting with the volunteers was wonderful. This was just the kind of break I was looking for to be able to re-connect with my inner self.

— Al Monteiro

Menopause has brought major fluctuations in my hormones and my state of mind. Coping with these changes and my day to day life has been challenging. The Happiness Program and my few days at the Ashram has calmed my body and mind, and I feel like myself again. I hope to daily practice what I have learnt to sustain this peace of mind, body and soul. Thank you for all the teachings and for the delicious meals. I felt gently cared for!

— Camille Madeira