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Do you want to experience a state of joyful calm?

Note: Silent retreat is for people who have not attended the Happiness Program. If you have already attended the Happiness Program, and would not like to repeat, you may register for the “Art of Silence Retreat” instead.

An all-inclusive vacation for the Spirit!

Our Silent Retreats are designed to lead you to a profound immersion into silence and renewal.

Oftentimes when we begin our journey into silence, the chatter in the mind amplifies.  The to-do lists, the incomplete tasks, past regrets, future anxieties, all come up.  However, this potent combination of the Happiness Retreat and the Art of Silence Retreat takes care of your mind in the most effective way.

As you dive into the power of the breath with the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique, combined with invaluable yogic wisdom about the mind, body and spirit, the mental chatter subsides and you are carried effortlessly and smoothly to the doorstep of that still, tranquil sanctuary within.

From here, with an ideal combination of unique guided meditations, rejuvenating yoga, profound wisdom sessions, pristine nature and Sattvic vegetarian food, the Silent Retreat takes you through an inward journey where you learn to connect with the unbounded joy of your own company and experience an extraordinary sense of physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Prerequisite: None

Structured Retreat

The Silent Retreat is carefully structured and closely guided by experienced senior instructors, offering you an optimal setting to let go and truly relax.  Your day is designed to offer you the perfect balance between guided sessions and personal time to contemplate and connect with yourself.


A place of silence and celebration.

There couldn’t be a more idyllic setting than the Retreat Centre nestled in the serene Mauricie region of Quebec, regardless of which season you choose to visit in. The Centre has been a place of meditation and peace to thousands for almost 30 years, and as you start to drive into the arms of the pristine forest and lakes of the Centre, the breath becomes deeper, the mind naturally starts to quieten and a sense of lightness and tranquility takes over.  It is a true feeling of “coming home” to yourself.


CAD 755.00 – CAD 1045.00

Retreat Schedule


5:30 – Dinner
6:30 – Session

DAY 2 – 5

07:00 am – Morning Sadhana / Practice
08:30 am – Breakfast / Karma Yoga / Personal Time
10:30 am – Morning Session
01:00 pm – Lunch / Karma Yoga / Personal Time
03:00 pm – Afternoon Session
06:00 pm – Dinner / Karma Yoga / Personal Time
07:30 pm – Evening Session


02:00 pm – Departure / Personal Time


I am new to Meditation and/or Silence.  Is this Retreat for me?

Absolutely!  The retreat is meant for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  If you have any questions during the retreat, our experienced senior instructors are very accessible and available to help and guide you.


What should I pack?

You will receive a detailed list in your Welcome email once you register.  A general guide depending on the season is warm clothing, layers, rain gear, swimming gear, hiking/walking footwear, bug repellent, sunscreen, flashlight.


I understand your Centre is alcohol-free, meat-free and smoke-free.  Can you please clarify?

The Centre is a place of health and wellness.  Alcohol, meat (including fish and eggs) and tobacco/recreational drugs are not permitted on the campus.


I have food allergies.  Can I request a special diet?

Special diets include vegan, nut-free and gluten-friendly meals.  Please check the appropriate box at the time of registration.  If you have any severe diet restrictions or allergies, please write to the centre in advance at to make sure we will be able to accommodate your needs.

I have been to other silent retreats… but basically, we were just silent and did our own thing, with optional classes we could attend throughout the day. But what we did here is so much more. What you guys offer is a full curriculum—the guided meditations, the service, the wisdom, the music—all of this took me on a journey far deeper than I thought possible.

— Silent Retreat participant

I feel more like myself after the Silent Retreat. My life goes smoother after it, and I feel the difference for a good 3-6 months.                                                                                                                                                                                       — Daniel   Moss