Retreat Centre

Retreat Centre

Our Retreat Centre or “Canada Ashram” is a stage for endless possibilities.  A stage for you to curate your own experience, to write your own travel log.  A place vast yet safe.  Serene.  Authentic.  A place ready to nurture you with love.  

Located in an enchanting setting in the heart of one of the most beautiful forests of the Mauricie region, the International Art of Living Center – Canada is one of four major international oases of contemplation of the Art of Living Foundation, which has been actively working towards creating a world without stress and violence, since 1981. 

Thousands of people from around the world travel to our Centre, every year, to let go of the stresses and worries of day-to-day life, to meditate together, and to celebrate life. The 300 acres of pristine land features five lakes, walking/hiking trails, comfortable chalets, simple dorms, meditation halls, an ayurveda holistic wellness centre, organic gardens and more. 

Treat Yourself to a Retreat

We are a holistic wellness and training centre that offers rejuvenating and healing retreats, meditation and yoga courses, ayurveda wellness programs and trainings.  We work towards fostering positive change in society by providing techniques that serve to harmonize body, breath, mind, emotions and the Self.

SIGNATURE RETREATS – Taking the first step, testing the waters.  For a solid foundation in breath work, meditation, yoga, ancient wisdom, and the science of ayurveda.

ADVANCED RETREATS – Ready for more? Our Signature Retreats prepare you for a deeper immersion in the Advanced Retreats

Canada Ashram – Built by Volunteers

We fondly call our centre – “Canada Ashram”.  An Ashram is an ancient Sanskrit word for a place of spiritual growth, and learning about the higher truths and deeper meaning of life.  Built and run by volunteers, Canada Ashram has been nourished by thousands doing selfless service, or “Seva” – helping others with no expectations.  Walking the talk, the staff and volunteers of our Centre follow their own daily commitment to meditation, Pranayamas, silence and Seva. 

Mr. B’s Story

Mr. Brouillette, the previous owner of the land, made a hobby out of working the land here. For many years he felt driven to shape the campus, clearing trees, building roads, and even directing water into a man-made lake. When he met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of the Art of Living, in 1990 he said he finally knew what he had been preparing the land for.

“I have been working on this land for over 32 years, clearing forests, making roads; villagers called me the beaver. I never knew why I was working so hard, but I always knew it was for a cause bigger than myself.”

Since 1991, the Centre, which many volunteers have continued to build over the years, has served as a peaceful oasis to anyone looking to reconnect with nature and with themselves.