Les Jardins Bio have been created 20 years ago and still are in expansion. These are 3 acres of several vegetable gardens, a seasonal greenhouse and an orchard.

The vegetable gardens on the mountainside are in permacultural transformation with a creation of permanent crops. The soil is never worked mechanically anymore and tends towards better fertility.

Part of the production is used by the cooks of the Center to offer meals full of energy. Another part is sold at the Saint-Elie-de-Caxton market from June to September and also in baskets.


***All products certified ECCO-CERT ***


Who can volunteer in Les Jardins Bio ?

Anyone who wants to give his time to the earth : enthusiasts, explorers, curious people, people who want to learn about gardening.

Possibility of internship in the garden during the season.

Your children are welcome in the gardens!

Send your application to [email protected] 

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Aditya Mahajan

Aditya Mahajan is a senior teacher of meditation with the Art of Living and has been practising meditation for the past 20 years.  Known for his warmth and ability to connect with a variety of audiences, Aditya has touched the lives of 1,000s of people in Canada and other countries through programs on meditation, silence and stress-relief.  After a successful corporate career in USA, he decided to dedicate his life to the humanitarian work of the Art of Living.  Currently, he co-leads the Art of Living Retreat Center in Quebec with his wife.

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Ami & Aditya

Ami Soni and Aditya Mahajan are a dynamic husband/wife team, and senior teachers of meditation with The Art of Living.  They have been practising meditation for the past 20 years.  They are known for their depth of knowledge, ability to connect with people, their simplicity and radiant smiles.  They have delivered meditation, silence and stress-relief programs to diverse audiences across Canada, India and Central America.  Ami & Aditya both come from a successful corporate background in the US. They currently co-lead the Art of Living Retreat Center in  Quebec.

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Ami Soni

Ami Soni is a senior teacher of meditation with the Art of Living and has been practising meditation for the past 20 years.  Known for her vibrant energy, depth of knowledge and her radiant smile, Ami has touched the lives of 1,000s of people in Canada and other countries through programs on meditation, silence and stress-relief.  After a successful corporate career as an economist, in USA, she decided to dedicate her life to bringing more peace and happiness in the world.  Currently, she co-leads the Art of Living Retreat Center in Quebec with her husband.

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Ann Revington

Ann hails from Manchester in the UK. Ann’s love for ayurveda began in the early 1980’s when she personally experienced the healing power of ayurveda after receiving treatments at the Maharishi clinics. Her journey with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living Foundation began in 1994, and by 1996 she was appointed to establish Sri Sri Ayurveda at the Art of Living’s European Headquarters in Bad Antogast, Germany. Having achieved success in Germany, Ann was sent to Canada in 2000 to continue her work and again establish the Sri Sri Ayurveda Institute at the Canadian Art of Living International Center…

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Anneliese Speidel

Daughter of German immigrants, Anneliese was born and raised in Quebec, learning German, English and French. At the CEGEP she added Spanish, after which she traveled to Spain and Germany for a year. Back at home, she worked for Lufthansa German Airlines for 10 years. She then had 2 children and took full advantage of her role as a mother. In 1998 she began her spiritual journey with the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. In 2003 she met Sri Sri and she knew she had found. She did all the Art of Living courses offered to her to become a Sri…

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Antoine Tiwani

Antoine Tinawi has been a direct disciple of world renowned spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar since 1993 with whom he has studied yoga in all its aspects (postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantras and philosophy). He is one of the rare yoga teachers to be certified in 3 of the most honoured lineages of yoga: Art of Living, Ashtangaand Sivananda. From 2008 to 2012, Antoine was the founder and director of the Montreal Art of Living Centre as well as the Canadian coordinator of Art of Living Yoga. Antoine is the co-owner of yoga studio Zen-Den in Ville saint-Laurent and of Om West in Pointe-Claire, where he…

Chandani Shan

Chandani Shan has been a volunteer with Art of Living for 19 years. She teaches the Happiness course, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, and Yes plus. She is a dynamic and devoted yoga teacher with 30 years experience. She is also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and E-RYT 500. She was formerly a stress management professor and wellness/family-life consultant. For over 20 years, she taught a variety of workshops, including stress management, leadership, commuication, self-esteem, team management, conflict resolution, parenting, and life skills for families.

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Elisabeth Jaeger

Director of Sri Sri Ayurveda Cookery Programs, and an Art of Happiness Teacher, Elisabeth is a true Parisian who spent most of her life in the South West of France where she became a master craftsman specialized in Shaker furniture. Elisabeth met Art of Living in 1989 and has been an Art of Happiness Teacher since 1993. For 10 years she was treasurer for Art of Living France. In 2000, she transitioned careers and came to Canada to train in Ayurveda. She rapidly developed a love for the subject; it was natural for her to specialize in the important aspect of food…

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Etienne Bérard

Etienne has been the gardener of the Art of Living since 2015. He welcomes and leads the volunteer teams with the same love and devotion he transmits to vegetables. His experience in psychoeducation has taught him the importance of listening, which he describes as the essential quality of the good gardener.

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Gisèle Lepage

In 1994, Gisèle graduated as a Naturotherapist. She realized that while it is important to take care of the physical body, our thoughts and emotions have an effect just as crucial on our overall health. It is therefore essential to know how to manage stress and its influences. Knowing how to govern one’s mind and emotions is an art: The Art of living. She received training from the Art of Living Foundation and is a teacher since 2002. She teaches different methods based on breathing and intended to eliminate the effects of stress. The practice of these techniques aim to strengthen the individual…

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Krishan Verma

Yogacharya and Yoga Shiromani Krishan Verma has been with the Art of Living since 1986 and is the global director of Yoga Research and Training and the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Programs. He has trained more than 2,000 yoga teachers in more than twenty countries. Bringing a depth of wisdom and experience, Krishanji guides his students to capture the true experience of yoga through the outer study of the ancient discipline and the inner study of the self.

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Mark Fry

Mark Fry was born and raised in Windsor, Nova Scotia and has spent the last twelve years teaching, practicing and promoting meditation and breathing techniques with the Art of Living Foundation. After graduating from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick with a degree in business and religion, Mark spent his initial few post graduate years working in business and then with at-risk youth. Amazed at the transformation he experienced in the Art of Living course he attended in Halifax, Mark decided that a different path would be right for him and began working full time with the Art of Living Foundation. His work since…

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Nayna Trehan

With several years of experience working with non-profits, wellness centres and most recently as a recruiter for tech startups, Nayna decided to pursue her life long passion for Ayurveda & Yoga as a full-time profession. Seeing the need for ancient wellness therapies in todays modern lifestyle and the demand for self learning, she committed to spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda and teaching Yoga around Canada. Nayna began her journey on the path of Yoga as a teenager and had the honour of meeting her Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and learning with him since a young age. She became an…

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Pamela Gooria

Pamela Gooria is a yoga teacher with the Art of Living Foundation and gives workshops to individuals, institutions and companies. Her teachings are based on the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation that she received under the guidance of world renowned spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She is also certified in Ashtanga Yoga and in Sivananda Yoga. Since 2012, Pamela has been the co-owner of Om West, as well as yoga studio Zen-Den in Ville Saint-Laurent. Over the years, Pamela has been involved in service projects with the Art of Living Foundation. She is also the founder of McGill…

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Pierre Laflamme

Pierre is the President of the Foundation in Canada. He is one of the pioneers of the Art of Living and follows Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for more than thirty years. Director of the International Center, he transmits the teachings and energy of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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Ralph Matta

Learn about Ralph Matta: I am a personal development programs facilitator, yoga instructor and trainer with the Art of Living Foundation for over 12 years. Montreal is my hometown and I enjoy teaching and building community at the Art of Living Centre in the Mile End. I am currently the director of the Montreal Art of Living Centre, co-director of the global Yogathon Rise for a Cause Program and an active member of the Canadian Art of Living Teacher Training Desk. By profession I also work as an independent Business Analyst Consultant with over 12 years of experience in the…

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Su Bowerman

Su trained in 1986 with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ayur Veda Mother and Baby Program and worked with Martha Ysha Oakes, who later founded Sacred Windows, a school for Ayurveda Doulas in the United States In 1998, she studied with Michael Odent for his Doula program and has been a member of Doula UK since 1999 She is a founding member of Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Mother and Infant Program, which has been in formation since the initial meeting in Canada in 2000.

Yohan Chiasson

Yohan a commencé à jardiner il y a plus de 20 ans et se consacre professionnellement à cette passion depuis 8 ans. Originaire des jardins de Napierville, la région la plus fertile du Québec, il s’est installé en 2008 à Saint-Elie-de-Caxton où il développe son expertise de la culture sur sable. Il partage désormais ces connaissances dans Les Jardins Bio.