Do you want to meditate effortlessly?

A mind without agitation is meditation

A mind in the present moment is meditation

A mind that has no hesitation, no anticipation, is meditation

A mind that has come back home to the source is meditation. Sahaj means “effortless” and Samadhi means “equanimity and calmness of the mind.”

This form of meditation, which allows us to move through the different layers of consciousness, is easy and natural. It takes no effort and requires neither concentration nor contemplation.

The more we relax, the deeper our meditation goes and we release more stress and fatigue.

Samadhi, which is the ultimate spiritual experience, is attained when the body and the mind let go totally.

Sahaj Samadhi meditation can be learned in three consecutive sessions of two and a half hours each: providing an experience that is both simple and profound.

Benefits of practicing Sahaj Samadhi meditation :

  • Stimulates the immune system and reduces free radicals.
  • Increases energy, strength and vigor.
  • Promotes concentration and creativity.
  • Fosters emotional stability.
  • Improves interpersonal relationships.