Discover & Experience
Correct postures for better symmetry and alignment
Physical & emotional cleansing through Shankh Prakshalan & Neti
Better understanding of yoga scriptures
New Pranayams like Chandrabhedi, Suryadhedi, Sheetali etc
The unique Strengthening and Healing Contractions (SaHC)
Silence in Activity and Activity in Silence

What is Deep Dive Retreat?

On the Deep Dive Retreat, you will learn easy to practise yoga asanas and advanced yogic techniques, with an emphasis on dep cleansing, and unique healing process.

Yoga burns all the seeds of illnesses, not allowing them to manifest. Ancient Ayurvedic texts suggest that one should aspire to live for 100 years. Practising yoga on a daily basis makes sure you live longer in perfect health.

Register for the Sri Sri Yoga Deep Dive, and experience the true essence of Yoga.

Weight Loss
Improved Sleep
Clarity of Mind
Reduced Chronic Pain
Increased Levels of Energy
Improved Digestion
“I came to the course with no expectations. I needed time for me, time to take care of myself. The course allowed me to do this in more ways than one. I was able to ‘dive deep’, ‘deeper’ than I thought was possible. The rest, the realization of how to take care of me, and whatever else ‘doesn’t matter’, the rest will come. The wisdom and deep knowledge of yoga is beyond what the average person understands. This wealth of knowledge is a must, a true treasure”.
Deep Dive Retreat Participant