Now experience the depth of silence from the comfort of your home!


This program is designed for the experienced meditator who has attended at least one Art of Silence Program or the Breath & Silence Retreat, and is looking to take their silence experience to a whole new depth. This program is designed to be more intensive, with more and longer meditations compared to the Art of Silence Retreat. Participants dive straight into silence at the beginning of the course.

Oftentimes, in silence programs, participants feel that by the time the mental chatter starts settling down, the course is over, and they have to get out of silence and back into activity. This 4-Day Intensive Silence Retreat allows us to “be” in a state of stillness and inner tranquility.

The practice of silence has been used in different traditions and cultures throughout time as a unique pathway to personal discovery: consciously withdrawing our attention from outer distractions and observing silence for a few days can allow us to experience an extraordinary sense of physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Pre-requisite: 1 Art of Silence Retreat or Breath & Silence Retreat

Main Elements of The Retreat

"Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, sound to silence." -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Deep Meditations

A set of guided meditations called “Hollow and Empty” created by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are a central part of the retreat. These meditations are geared towards drawing out the deepest layers of stress and tension from our nervous system.

Mudras and Advanced Pranayamas

The course builds upon the breathing exercises taught during the SKY Breath Meditation and teaches a series of Mudras – a subtle technique to balance the mind and emotions.


Silence is more than not speaking, it is a way to renew ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Even just a few minutes of true silence gives a rest far deeper than sleep, and possibly anything else you’ve experienced in life.

Power of Silence


The 4-Day Intensive Silence Retreat provides optimal conditions for quieting our mental chatter, going deep within and experiencing inner peace. An ideal combination of unique guided meditations help to subside the mental chatter, and you are carried effortlessly and smoothly to the doorstep of that still, tranquil sanctuary within. Complemented by rejuvenating yoga, profound wisdom sessions, pristine nature and Sattvic vegetarian food (recipes provided), the 4-Day Intensive Silence Retreat takes you through an inward journey where you learn to connect with the unbounded joy of your own company.


Structured Retreat


The 4-Day Intensive Silence Retreat is carefully structured and closely guided by experienced senior instructors, offering you an optimal setting to let go and truly relax.  Your day is designed to offer you the perfect balance between guided sessions and personal time to contemplate and connect with yourself.




  A place of silence and celebration. There couldn’t be a more idyllic setting than the Retreat Centre nestled in the serene Mauricie region of Quebec, regardless of which season you choose to visit in. The Centre has been a place of meditation and peace to thousands for almost 30 years, and as you start to drive into the arms of the pristine forest and lakes of the Centre, the breath becomes deeper, the mind naturally starts to quieten and a sense of lightness and tranquility takes over.  It is a true feeling of “coming home” to yourself.
To find a place where you immediately feel like you belong is quite magical, which is exactly how I felt after visiting the Quebec Ashram. Discovering the Art of Living and trusting their programs to lead me back to myself continues to be magical & gracious gift that I feel lucky to have stumbled upon.
Vanessa Mueggler