The art of living: working towards a better and more peaceful world

Living is an art that is learned and developed.

Today, we live in an environment that can easily lead us astray and leave us feeling overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life.

With an ever more demanding professional life and sometimes tumultuous relationships, we all want to be able to enjoy a moment of serenity, and a period of calm to catch our breath and rest our spirit.

Located in an enchanting setting in the heart of one of the most beautiful forests of the Mauricie region, the International Art of Living Center – Canada is one of the four major international places of contemplation of the Art of Living Foundation, which has been actively working towards creating a world without stress and without violence since 1981.

Plan your stay today in this haven of peace and serenity that will allow you to recharge your batteries and regain energy and enthusiasm.

Come and stay for a few days while enjoying our accommodation options or invite your friends and loved ones to a peaceful gathering in a magical setting.

Visit Our Ayurvedic Center

Take advantage of the benefits of Ayurvedic treatments and massages by visiting the Ayurvedic center of the Art of Living foundation. A unique experience awaits you.

You can also take part in our training workshops, offered by our Ayurveda specialists. Ayurveda is the oldest natural and holistic health system in the world.

Visit the Organic Gardens

Our certified organic garden is cultivated according to ancestral methods and our harvesting is carried out by hand without the use of mechanical tools.
When visiting our garden:

Courses to learn the art of living in peace with oneself and with others

You can also take advantage of the range of courses and workshops offered by our organization to acquire the tools needed to overcome the stress and anxiety of everyday life.


Learn how to achieve and maintain happiness



Discover simple and effective meditation techniques



Control the silence, as well as the calm and comfort it provides



Discover the benefits of yoga, the science of physical, mental and spiritual balance

Are you interested in our activities?

Would you like to support our mission and this space of balance and peace?

Find out about our various volunteer work opportunities or contribute to the continuation of our activities by making a donation.

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