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Art of Living Canada Retreat Centre:

Transforming society by transforming the individual

We Believe

Living is an art that is learned and developed.

Today, we live in an environment that can easily lead us astray and leave us feeling overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life.

With an ever more demanding professional life and sometimes tumultuous relationships, we all need a moment of serenity and a period of calm to help us rest our spirit and approach life in a purposeful way.

Who we Are

Since 1981, we have been teaching breathing and meditation techniques around the globe. Present in 155 countries, the Foundation has reached over 370 million individuals.

The International Art of Living Retreat Centre Canada is a wellness and educational centre that offers relaxing retreats, stays, courses and training programs. It serves as a peaceful oasis to anyone looking to reconnect with nature and with themselves.

Learn the art of living in happiness and peace

Acquire the tools needed to overcome the stress and anxiety of everyday life


Silent Retreats

Do you want to experience a state of Joyful Calm?


Art of Silence Retreats

Do you want to deepen your spiritual journey?


SKY Breath Meditation Retreats

Do you want to discover your inner power?


Panchakarma Detox Retreats

Do you want to restore balance in mind, body and emotions?


Meditation Retreats

Do you want to meditate effortlessly?