Stepping Into Silence
Stepping Into Silence Retreat
Stepping Into Silence
Art of Living Canada Center
The Art of Living International Centre - Canada
Art of Living Canada Center
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Explore our retreats
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A Stage for Unlimited Possibilities

Take a step, trust yourself, dip your toes in the water, close the eyes, allow yourself to taste something new, within yourself, something ancient, something timeless!

6 & 10 Day Intensive Silence

Start your journey into silence with a strong foundation of breath-work

Breath-work meditation to kickstart your journey


A guided journey into silence and meditation


Advanced yogic and cleansing practices


Our Story

Since 1990, our Retreat Centre has been a place of silence, of solace, and of discovery.  Thousands have come and left with fuller hearts, emptier minds and bigger smiles.  As you drive into the endless acres of pristine nature, lakes and forests, the breath becomes deeper, the mind naturally quiets down, lightness and tranquility take over.  Its a true feeling of “coming home” – to yourself!  Meditation happens effortlessly.
"Remember your life is short. Till the time you are on earth, do some good work, bring happiness and turn tears into smiles."
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Founder, Art of Living Foundation